Gemini Jets 1:400 Douglas DC-8-62 Calder Flying Colors of South America Braniff

Gemini Jets 1:400 Scale DC-8-62 Model:  The Flying Colors of South America

Gemini Jets 1:400 Scale DC-8-62 Model: The Flying Colors of South America


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  1. Do you have any ides where I can find a 1:400 “Flying Colors of South America DC-8? It would almost complete my avid Braniff International collection.

    Also, did they make diecast models in the “Ultra Look”?

  2. You can buy 1:400 Scale DC-8 Calder “Flying Colors of South America” modesl on Ebay pretty frequently. There are lulls at times and I notice that at this very moment, none are listed. But I’ve purchased three such models on Ebay over the past 3 years. One for me, one for my brother and one for my father. If you search for a short while, you’ll find it. However, they can, at times, be pretty expensive. I tend to shop a long time for those until I find one for a modest price.

    As for the Ultra livery, there are two models in a Braniff III modified Ultra look. A 737 and a DC-9. Neither are very attractive to me, to be honest. The colors used in Braniff III were somewhat garish compared to the original Ultra colors.

    I would point out that there are 747s in the Halston/Ultra look available from Gemini in the form of a 747-227 and 747-SP.

    There are also some 1:200 Ultra models from Braniff III in 727 form but they’re pretty unattractive to my eye as well.

    So, no, there are no Braniff “original” Ultra livery 1:400 models today. Why, I cannot say. I suspect that the first model maker to introduce that line is liable to make a mint as we’re all waiting for them and none of us have them for our collections.

    Search Ebay for the Calder aircraft. If you’re patient and willing to shop a little, you can get both Calder models from Gemini Jets in 1:400 scale.

  3. Man, thank you so much for all the useful information you left me. I’m glad you said that there is something of a lull in ebay sales regarding the “Flying Colors of South America”. I was thinking that they were produced is such limited supply that they were basically unattainable. Glad to hear they are not. What should I expect to pay, $50? $60?

    I have “Flying Colors of the United States”, and am so grateful to be able to admire it. I wish Gemini would do the “Flying Colors of Mexico”, modeled after Calders models.

    You are so right in regard to the Braniff III garish color scheme. While I applauded them for trying to resurrect the spirit, the colors and color combo’s they chose were garish. Although the solid dark blue Braniff II tried on the 737-200 wasn’t bad. (I flew for Air Cal where those planes originated).

  4. The last one I purchased was just a few months ago and while I can’t remember the exact price, it was under $50. I think it was between $35 and $40. But I tend to just bid, lose, wait, bid again, wait, and eventually I win one. The one for my brother I bought for about $50 but I was in a hurry on that one.

    Without a real Calder model to use, I don’t think anyone would do a Flying Colors of Mexico. The real Mexico models were taken by the Pritzker family in the 1980′s and, to the best of my knowledge, have never been seen since. I don’t think anyone did anything to them but their schemes aren’t in the public view and haven’t been for 30 years.

  5. Someone should put together a Braniff International showing in a gallery whereupon various items from BI are on display. Things from the boarding lounges, terminal seats, uniforms, FC of Mexico models, FC of US models, etc. Braniff was unlike ANY airline before or since in that it was not only a form of transportation but also an ever changing museum in itself. Lawrence, no matter what harm he did, he made Braniff…art!

  6. Stay tuned. Something like that may actually be happening in the next year or so. I’m quite serious.

  7. I hope you’ll remember to let me know. I’d hate to miss it. Name is Geoff

  8. Gemini Jets 1:400 Douglas DC-8-62 Calder Flying Colors of South America Braniff

    I want to buy this model I’m from chile

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