That’s just how Russia rolls

We’ve read much about both Europe and the United States being snagged with huge airline delays and problems due to storms but one country took a slightly different tactic with their airlines this week.

Russian Prime Minister Vladmir Putin warned Russia’s airlines’ managers not to go on vacation while their flights were suffering delays and imposing hardships on its passengers.   Five of Russia’s airlines are being probed now:  S7, Transaero, UT Air, VIM, and Orenburg airlines all have to answer for the problems passengers have incurred.

Notably, OAO Aeroflot, largely owned by the Russian government, has escaped notice.

Most of the problems were experienced at Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport and Putin warned that officials should “”stop whining and start working.” 

I’m pretty sure that sent a chill through some people’s hearts.


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  1. Talk about a “regulated” air industry…


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