Those TSA guys are up to it again.

Two TSA officers from JFK airport were arrested for stealing $40,000 from someone’s suitcase.  The suitcase apparently contained $170,000 and was destined for Argentina (which is where the owner is now.)

The officers spotted the money during an x-ray of the bag and helped themselves.  The money was recovered (all but $20) after a third TSA officer reported the deed (and may I say kudos to whoever that was.)  Law enforcement are suspicious that the $170,000 was drug related and want to talk to the owner who, as was previously noted, is now in Argentina and firmly outside the reach of the long arm of the law.

Regardless of the origin of money, this points up what I and many think is a continuing problemwith the TSA.  They steal.

They examine contents of bags and steal.  I’ve heard far too many instances from readers of this very blog for this to be characterized as isolated incidents.  Truth be known, your possessions may be far safer locked in a car in downtown Detroit than going through the TSA security system.   And the TSA’s customary response to this kind of theft extraordinarily disappointing because the common response is “Gee.  Sorry.  But we do care”.  Obviously I’m paraphrasing.

More importantly, when thieving is taking place among the corps of people who are tasked with guarding the population against threats in the air system, how do you trust them to do their basic job?  After all, would you trust a guy who stole your prized wrist watch to guard your house against someone who wants to throw a brick through the window?


4 Responses to “Those TSA guys are up to it again.”

  1. Nothing is going to be done to change anything WRT the TSA goon-squad until John Pistole is made personally responsible for the abuses that his cadre of thugs perpetrate on the flying public.

    (who has had it up to here with the TSA)

  2. p.s No doubt the third TSA agent at JFK fingered the other two crooks only because he couldn’t gtet a share of the take from the $40K burglary.

  3. P.P.S. The two jokers in question admit to stealing a total of $160,000 from travelers’ luggage.

    See for still more TSA hijinkery.

    (who is about to declare TSA Agent Hunting Season)


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