United Flight Attendants Vote

United Airlines flight attendants (comprised of about 15,000 United employees and 9,000 Continental employees) will be voting on which union will represent them in the merged companies I like to call ContiUnited. 

United (old) flight attendants have been severely unhappy with United since they lost their pension in bankruptcy in 2002.  The blame has often aimed at United Chairman Glenn Tilton and employee groups at United (old) have made it clear they intend to get what is theirs with this merger including the Flight Attendants.

It’s been my observation that Continental crews haven’t viewed their merger with United with great enthusiasm either.  Continental crews have had pretty good working conditions, good industry salaries and have been rewarded with the company’s success.  That experience has been seen to be at risk since United (old) employees typically outnumber Continental employees in the same jobs.

This vote will be won by the United (old) flight attendants and expect Continental flight crews to be displeased by this.  Jeff Smisek, CEO of United and formerly CEO of Continental, has been exceptionally quiet during this merger and hasn’t put much of a “one team” spin on this merger in the public in my opinion.  As times passes, this merger appears, from the employee perspective, to be less and less a merger of equals and more and more one of Continental executives taking over United operations.


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  1. It’s strange that for the last 7 years United flight attendants have maligned and complaint about United poor management. Now that they have Continental management they continue to complain. Do they really know what they want?

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