Taxes don’t belong to the airlines

In what I will declare to be the most greedy of moves for 2011, most US airlines have decided to raise fares to offset the FAA taxes that have (temporarily) disappeared as a result of Congress’ inaction on a new bill for the FAA.

By most US airlines, I mean airlines such as American, United, Continental, Delta, US Airways, Southwest, AirTran and JetBlue.  By raising fares, I mean they’ve raised them about 7.5% to offset the taxes that disappeared.   A few airlines such as Virgin America, Frontier Airlines and Alaska Airlines have so far not raised fares to grab that cash.

I am immensely disappointed in this development and particularly disappointed that I find both SWA and Airtran in that group.  Airlines don’t deserve this money and it is shameful behaviour to run and grab it.


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