Sunday Trivia: Cousins who got married.

Two airlines founded by the same man somewhat recently decided to get married.  Can you name the two airlines and the man who founded both?  The answer after the fold:

That would be United Airlines and Continetal Airlines both founded by a man named Walter Varney.  Varney started United as Varney Air Lines.  Later, Varney Air Lines, Pacific Air Transport, Boeing Air Transport and National Air Transport merged together to form United Air Lines. Varney is considered the earliest operating entity among those who formed United. 

Continental Airlines was formed originally as Varney Speed Lines by Walter Varney as his next airline venture after merging Varney Air Lines originally.  Varney Speed Lines as a founding company is fairly young with its date of birth being 1934.  Varney Speed Lines was operating in the Southwest region of the United States and really didn’t begin to take off until it was first managed and then purchased by a young man named Robert F. Six.  It was Bob Six who changed the name to Continental and grew the airline (always the underdog) into a major trunk airline in the United States.


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