Security Fail

An 18 month old baby of Middle Eastern descent was removed from a JetBlue flight this week due to this child’s name being on some portion of the No Fly List.  The TSA worked with the airline but also states that it did not put this name on the no fly list and did not play a role in the child and its family being removed from the flight.

All good and fine except that this is clearly a security failure.  Let’s consider the fact that this was an 18 month old BABY.  Then let’s consider that despite the obvious circumstances and despite the fact that the parents were not on a No Fly List, everyone “followed protocol” and did the stupid thing.

Good security comes from good judgement.  Clearly we, as a country, continue to not use good judgement.


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  1. “Clearly we, as a country, continue to not use good judgement.”

    Hey, don’t lump my ass in with thiose TSA clowns, Bubba… This little grey duck knows how to read a friggin’ birth certificate.

    (judge *this*)

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