American Eagle gets deals done

Curiously, American Eagle has managed to get deals with all its unions on terms that seem to work very well for its labor and without nearly the muss and fuss that AA has experienced.

I think this has to do with a combination of factors:

1) Dan Garton, President & CEO of American Eagle, sees his destiny with American Eagle and sees the destiny of American Eagle going far past what business it can capture from American Airlines.  In short, he knows deals have got to be done.

2) Labor at American Eagle knows it has to have agreements in order to survive.  Regional airlines can be liquidated as they are not too big to fail.

3) American Eagle as a company knows that to survive, it must have in place agreements that permit it to compete with other regional airlines for business.

4)  American Airlines threw a warning out when it signed a deal with Skywest for flying in Los Angeles.

It is both surprising and pleasing to see just how non-contentious the negotiations have been in the American Eagle camp and makes me wonder if Dan Garton isn’t the person to be leading American Airlines.


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