Doug Parker did what?

A couple of days ago, US Airways CEO Doug Parker and US Airways EVP Elise Eberwein went to go talk to a join meeting of the Allied Pilots Association (AA pilots) and US Allied Pilots Association (US Airways pilots).  They attempted to address concerns and foster a new relationship that would see a smoother merger get executed.

Let’s take a moment and think about this.  The soon to be CEO of American Airlines Group and a trusted US Airways executive in charge of People traveled to answer questions and address concerns to unions that will be involved with the new company.

Do you think that move would have been made by an American Airlines team?  For instance, do you think anyone bothered to go talk to TWA unions when AA bought them as an asset sale?  Do you suppose that Don Carty went and talked to the Reno Air people when they got bought?

You didn’t even see these kind of overtures being made when American Airlines needed a deal to stay out of bankruptcy just  a little over a year ago.  I would imagine that the pilots from American Airlines may have had a slightly stunned look on their face.



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