Braniff Maintenance Centers gets reprieve

Back in November 2012, I wrote a blog entry titled The City of Dallas Hates Love Field, a story about one party trying to re-use the Braniff International Maintenance Building and the City of Dallas trying to tear it down so it could continue with its plan to make Love Field a non-airport.

Since that time, there have been many people leading a fight to get the Braniff Maintenance Center listed for eligibility into the National Historical Register for preservation.  In fact, I’m delinquent in writing a follow up to encourage people to contact The Texas Historical Commission to urge them to find the building worthy of preservation.

Frankly, with what I know about Dallas politics, I didn’t have much hope for saving this building.  When Dallas politics decides it wants something, it usually finds a way to have it regardless of who objects.  We’re not a corrupt city but we’re a cold blooded one when it comes to business.

But, hey, guess what?

Those guys did it.  The Texas Historical Commission has issued the Determination for Braniff OMB 7701 Lemmon Avenue and the building has been deemed eligible for inclusion into the National Historic Register.  Now there is a year long process called a Section 106 review that is performed to actually put the building into the National Register.  The real mountain, apparently, was getting it deemed eligible.

Congratulations to the group who went to work on making this happen.  You have managed a very rare victory in my opinion.

And that sound of something being unwrapped?  That would be the Airport Director getting out some antacid tablets because his deal to turn Love Field Airport into a non-airport just suffered a major setback.


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  1. Thanks a million Greg! Braniff 7701 Preservation Group

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