Is someone sending the wrong message, sending a trial balloon or is crazy about to occur?

Several days ago, I wrote about new Southwest Airlines CFO Tammy Romo making comments about perhaps putting restrictions and/or fees onto the Wanna Get Away fares of Southwest.   Today, I was told that she also was asked at the JP Morgan Conference if Bags Fly Free was an essential part of Southwest’s brand and her answer was “no”.

I disagree vehemently.  Not only has it been an acknowledged huge revenue driver for Southwest Airlines, it is the component that keeps Southwest Airlines on the right side of “customer friendly” as a brand.

Get rid of this feature and you have just lost the ability to distinguish between Southwest and the other members of the Big 4 going forward.  And I think CEO Gary Kelly knows that.

So is CFO Tammy Romo going rogue in the attempts to drive policy and make a name for herself?   I might expect that of someone who was new(ish) to the company but Romo has 20 years with Southwest.

So is someone sending a trial balloon up to see how both customers and analysts react to the idea?  This isn’t really SWA’s style but I suppose anything is possible.

Or has crazy broken out at Southwest  Airlines and we’re about to witness the demise of greatness?




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