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Flying Voices, the project to do an Oral History on Braniff International is working to raise money in a crowd funding campaign and needs your help.  They’ve raised some money but they need more.


I’ve donated $50 and I challenge readers to offer just a small donation to make this possible.  Braniff has no definitive history done on it and one will likely never be made.  This Oral History project is a valuable effort to preserve what we know and love about an airline and it’s our last chance.


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Go to their Facebook page called

  1. Flying Voices and “like” them.  They need some love. Seriously.  Go do it now.  I’ll wait while you click the link above.
  2. Go to their website and read more about their project and form an opinion of what they want to do.  Their website is, oddly enough, FlyingVoices.Org.
  3. Go to their crowd funding website on and give them some money.  You can find the second round of their appeal here.




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