The airline really blew it.

A couple boarded an airline flight on Turkish Airlines to fly from Los Angeles to Dakar, Senegal via Istanbul.  Instead of arriving in Dakar (which uses the airport code DKR), they arrived in Dhaka, Bangladesh (which uses the airport code DAC).

Turkish Airlines issued tickets/boarding passes for Dhaka.  Yes, the passengers did board the wrong flight but I’ll throw them a bone in that Dhaka and Dakar are too simlar to be easily distinguished verbally or even in written form when traveling internationally.

The passengers were taken to Dakar and their luggage caught up with them 2 days later but . . . this just shouldn’t have happened.  Their passenger reservation record should have indicated their destination adequately and the only thing I can think happened was that a gate agent just blew it.  I suspect I may know where, too.

I think the original mistake happened in Los Angeles when these people were checking in for their flight.  It’s just the kind of mistake that could be made in the United States.


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