To the City of Irving: What? Are you stupid?

A developer wants to build 600+ homes right next to the eastern runways of DFW airport in the Dallas suburb of Irving.  Oh, and these homes are to be valued between $350K and $500K which is a *very* nice home in that area.  Extremely nice.   Here is the area:



What?  Is Irving stupid?  This shouldn’t have made it past the City of Irving planning commission and certainly shouldn’t be under review by the City Council of Irving at all.

As you can imagine, DFW airport is unamused by this idea and they should be.  When DFW was built, it was built in a location that was evenly located between Dallas and Fort Worth and where noise and impacts to homes would not occur.

Now, over the last 4 decades, that has changed.  But you can encroach on this airport which is arguably a huge economic driver for the region with homes and expect to later force regulations on the airport.

This is absolutely silly.

Why do I think that the City of Irving will come back on DFW about noise?  Because they’ve done it several times in the past.  As have cities such as Euless and Grapevine.  Cities that were largely unoccupied tracts of ranchland when the airport was built and which grew in large part due to the airport have regularly tried to stop the airport from operation and expansion many times.

As someone who lives in this area, I am unamused at cities causing this kind of trouble because the next thing that happens is these very same cities engaging in legal actions against the airport which cost me, as a regional taxpayer, considerable money.

No thanks.  And if you live in this area, I would suggest you get very vocal with your own local city council representative.

For reference on just how noisy this is, take a look at this video made by DFW airport:




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  1. This is just ridiculous. I get so tired of municipalities griping about airport noise and then going ahead and creating the situation to cause them gripe. The airport was long there before Irving was anywhere near this close.

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