AA should lose all slots at Washington Reagan National

jetBlue CEO Dave Barger has decided that jetBlue *does* have a dog in the merger fight and has announced his (jetBlue’s) belief that American Airlines should lose all its slots at Washington Reagan National Airport if the merger goes through.

He means those slots held by AMR, not the new American Airlines.

He may even have a point but Mr. Barger would be well advised to pay close attention to what airports his own airlines dominates at before deciding he does have a dog in the fight.  That dog might bite him.

jetBlue holds a lot of slots at JFK airport and cooperates with American Airlines.

Maybe American Airlines (new) should have to discontinue its lucrative relationship with jetBlue due to dominance in the NYC, Boston and Washington areas.

Blatant land grabs are shameful no matter who makes them.  I realize that those slots are something all airlines covet.  If you cover them so badly, advocate a fair and equitable system for allocating them that remains dynamic over time.



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  1. wrong. just simply wrong. what mr. barger does NOT mention, is the slots he is ‘renting’ from the current incarnation of AA. so how about the current AA yank the leases on those oh so coveted slots at DCA. better yet, jetblue should relinquish some slot pairs at LGA and JFK. his opinion is baseless and, like you stated, could turn around and bite him in the tush. this tussle over DCA is disgusting. i still cannot wrap my head around it. what about the dominance of UA at ORD,EWR,IAH? or DL’S stanglehold on DTW,MSP and LGA/JFK? and let’s not let southwest off the leash either….. who literally owns BWI and MDW? and if anyone cares to argue the point, the ONLY reason WN is at DCA is through ITS merger with FL.

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