Air Marshal photographs up skirts

A U.S. Air Marshal was caught taking photographs up women’s skirts with his cell phone and was caught by a passenger who took his phone and then notified a Southwest Airlines flight attendant immediately.  The marshal was arrested by airport police.

The TSA says it is cooperating with the investigation of this man.

Would anyone care to place bets on how long it takes the Transportation SECURITY Administration to describe this as a one-off event and that the officer was terminated and it isn’t anything to be concerned with?

It is events like this that makes me want to create a category in this blog titled “Are you kidding me?”

Let’s examine the problems here.  First, a person who was given great trust violated the public in a manner that increases the public perception that the TSA isn’t there to provide security but, rather, a haven for sex perverts.  If that seems harsh, I won’t apologize.  All too many encounters with the TSA devolve to someone getting groped or inappropriately photographed.

That badly damages public trust and TSA credibility.

Second, the passenger took the phone away from the marshal.  Seriously?  The passenger just grabbed the phone and took control of the situation along with a flight attendant.  Let me point out the irony here:  The passenger and flight attendants did what an air marshal should have done.  Even if the guy was doing something bad, one would kind of hope that he had the presence of mind to not let someone take something from him.

That doesn’t describe the kind of person we want performing air marshal duties, does it?

Third and most important is that these kinds of things happen too frequently.  For several years now, the TSA has promised that it is cleaning up its act.  But, hey, we have air marshals photographing women under their skirts and TSA officers stealing parking placards and re-selling them.  And many more things going on.

If this was the FBI, would we be tolerating this in a security force?

The TSA has not cleaned up its act.  It has not provided security and it is not, by any obvious measure, attempting to build public trust and credibility.

When your security force is assaulting you and stealing from you, my first inclination is that you must live in a corrupt third world country.

But we’re talking about the United States here.


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