Temporary Restraining Order: AA/US Bankruptcy

UPDATE:  The judge will be issuing a ruling sometime between close of business today and close of business Wednesday.

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There is a private antitrust lawsuit against American Airlines and US Airways being conducted by two private attorneys who have long instituted lawsuits against airline mergers.  In a hearing today in US Bankruptcy Court, Judge Sean Lane is hearing arguments for and against a Temporary Restraining Order against a merger as well as other arguments for and against whether or not he (Judge Lane) can approve the merger.

The plaintiffs in the private lawsuit certainly have the right to ask for a TRO but they also have a right to get denied as well.  Asking for a TRO at this late date is, at the minimum going to raise many eyebrows since a TRO is generally requested for emergency situations.  This merger has been on deck for a long, long time.

Not only do I think the TRO will get denied, I think we’ll see the plaintiff attorneys get walked around the courtroom on the facts behind their contention.  The truth is that while there are “plaintiffs” these attorneys represent, this lawsuit is their lawsuit.

Furthermore, a variety of competent parties have already been engaged on the merits of this antitrust trial by virtue of what played out in the Department of Justice lawsuit most recently.  Plaintiff attorneys are going to argue that issues go unaddressed and real harm is taking place which suggests that the Federal Judge in that lawsuit didn’t pay attention (and the record reflects the exact opposite) and that the Department of Justice isn’t a competent representative for the citizens of the United States.

The TRO won’t be approved and the merger will be approved.  The plaintiff attorneys will stand in front of cameras and microphones and decry the great harm happening to everyone.  Journalists will yawn, write their stories about today and the big news will be the merger is approved and ready to be consummated.

Count on it.


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  1. this lawsuit and suggested TRO is such a load of crap. these guys really need to take break from fantasy and start thinking in the real world. if they are REALLY concerned about consumer harm, then they should be all over the cell phone industry, the oil/gas industry, the ‘deregulated’ power and light companies, and, more importantly, the CABLE INDUSTRY. with the proposed merger of COMCAST and TIMEWARNER, that should raise a few eyebrows. that is, unless the powers that be are well paid off. the only people making out in this are the lawyers.

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