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It’s possible that some readers may have noticed my absence.  A Great Illness took hold of me.  Then a Great Ice Storm.

So, more tomorrow but a comment or three today:

OK, so, everyone got what they asked for.  It’s often been said that you should be careful what you ask for.

I think Doug Parker is off on the right foot in setting  a leadership tone for the new American Airlines.  I think the American Airlines employees will appreciate it both for the tone as well as the respect it shows to employees.  I don’t know what the response will be from the US Airways people but I hope it’s tasteful.

Tom Horton got paid off.  That part isn’t pretty but it was necessary, I think.  Now, he’s gotten his payoff, it’s time to go.  The sooner, the better.  I’ll also now say that I think Tom Horton rose above my expectations in all of this.  Although I didn’t care for his initial comments after the merger was announced, he did settle down and, more importantly, he did work earnestly to make the merger happen.  That was significant and meaningful and he should get credit for it.

I think it was a gracious and even pleasant gesture for Bob Crandall to come out for the birth of the New Company.  Seeing photos of Crandall, Horton and Parker at the beginning of the new company made me feel like this newly merged company has a very real chance at greatness.

For debtors, this is the best outcome anyone could get from a bankruptcy.  Be thankful for it.

On the subject of the new American Airlines livery . . . I will buy Doug Parker the best Mexican dinner I can find in the Dallas area if he will just make that ugly design go away and bring something that A) is good design and B) is less expensive to paint on the over 600 new aircraft coming to AA.


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  1. I don’t know. I heard somebody somewhere say that the new AA livery was designed to reflect USA heritage (the flag on the tail). I’d be surprised if they reversed the livery now after all that sunk cost.

  2. They can reverse it. They should reverse it. By all accounts it is a much more expensive paint job and it is not a livery that really generated wide-spread acceptance.

    And since that livery was being worked on long before bankruptcy happened, I don’t think it was designed to make US Airways happy. Can you see Tom Horton saying “Oh yes, let’s make that livery acceptable to US Airways.” I really can’t.

    There are hundreds of aircraft left to paint. This can be changed and it could be changed fairly quickly if someone wanted to do it.

  3. From the AA Facebook page: “Today our people begin voting on the final design for American Airlines tail livery. The choice is to keep the new flag tail or switch to the previous AA tail.” So, that is a low cost option. If they vote for the old tail, it’s minimal work to repaint. Personally I like the new tail but I don’t get a vote.

  4. From Parker: “However you may feel about the new livery and branding, the fact is it would be irresponsible for us to start over from scratch. There are currently more than 200 aircraft in the new livery and the new flight symbol or, ‘eagle’ as it’s sometimes called, and the related signage is up in many airports and facilities already. One of our five imperatives at American is, ‘Provide a Return for our Investors’ and we can’t do that by spending their capital redoing a lot of work that has just been recently accomplished.”

  5. Yeah, unlike some, I have no problem at this point with the body color, billboard titles or the stylized logo.

    Well, I have a bit of a problem with the stylized logo but certainly not enough to object to it.

    But that tail is expensive and garish. And I would argue that Parker doesn’t have to repaint those already painted but should get a better tail design pronto.


  6. There won’t be a new design. It’s either the new one or the old one, if you believe what he’s saying.

  7. I’ll make my prediction right now. I think the new one will win.

  8. I think you’re right given the constraints. I also think the new design won’t last on the aircraft for 10 years but that is another discussion.

    I do think that the old logo on the tail is appealing and that is coming from someone who never liked the last AA logo either.

    I vote for the predecessor to the 1968 logo. All Retro, All The Time.


  9. I also love retro liveries and I’m glad Parker will do that with TWA, USA, old AA, Am West, etc. I actually flew on the United -900ER with the old Continental livery. Very nice.

  10. Legacy Liveries will be great and I particularly look forward to a TWA livery. I’ve felt that that is one airline that not only went bankrupt but also kind of lost its entire legacy.

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