MH370: Is Malaysia responsible?

I am disturbed by the rather harsh criticism laid upon Malaysia by China and Chinese families with respect to MH370.  I can certainly make allowances for people in distress and I have both empathy and compassion for those people.

But for China to imply that Malaysia has been irresponsible or incompetent is just grossly unfair.

For Chinese citizens to insist that the aircraft is intact and its passengers alive but hidden by Malaysia is . . . stupid. No matter how much grief you feel.

A person or person(s) commandeered an aircraft over a sea, artfully steered it past two nations and then steered a course into one of the most remote oceans in the world.

My point is that this wouldn’t be easy for anyone.  There have been up to 12 aircraft from at least 5 nations assisting in the search.   Nations with satellite imaging capability have scoured the seas over and over trying to sense wreckage and debris.  The United Kingdom and IMMARSAT went to great lengths to establish where this aircraft went and have continued supporting the search.

Many, many nations have lent support in a variety of meaningful ways.  If this airplane has not been found, it’s not because anyone is behaving slow, without care or without a sense of urgency.

It’s because this is a very hard thing to do.  Before anyone criticizes, we should remember that it tooks years to find Air France 447 in the middle of the Atlantic.  We knew far more about that flight and it was far easier to access the area and search.  Yet it was considered one of the toughest searches for an airplane done to that date.

What they’re doing in the Indian Ocean is nearly an order of magnitude more difficult.  The searches know next to nothing about flight path, motive or even the ocean area in which it went down.  But many nations continue going out day after day trying to find answers and doing so with utmost professional behavior.


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